Barbara Piper

Change from the Inside out

‘When you drop from your head into your heart, life becomes clear & purposeful’

Finding your way to Personal leadership

As an International certified coach and mentor, I specialize in empowering professionals to find their own personal leadership. To navigate transitions and find harmony between the different parts of their lives. Start your focus and choice here and connect with me.  I would love to hear more about who you are and your reasons to get in touch, this will help me better prepare when we connect.


March 2020 Corona Compassion Circle Netherlands:
Free daily meditation sessions

The Corona Compassion Community for Health Care in The Netherlands is growing. I am happy to join-in with Barbara Doeleman-Van Veldhoven and Bas Geerdes and our team to support more than 200 health care professionals in this daily meditation practice.

Time like these, invite us to draw upon our inner strength to support ourselves and each other with calm and compassion, with wisdom and love, to open our hearts and find clarity of mind.

Join us by signing up below:

On Wednesdays in English.


March 2020 The Rise and Lead Summit in Lagos, Nigeria:

“We are excited that Barbara Piper-Roelofs will be speaking at the Workshop Track “Career Reinvention (Transitioning between Jobs/Personal Development)” at the Rising Leaders Summit- Africa on March 27th. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣Barbara is a seasoned Communication professional with 20 years’ experience in both Corporate environments and Health Care management.⁣ ⁣ ⁣

Today, her focus is on Compassionate Conversations in the Workplace.⁣ She serves as a Compassion Ambassador for the Applied Compassion Academy, in collaboration with Stanford University’s CCARE Institute.⁣ ⁣Barbara supports organisations and professionals to cultivate skills that are often referred to as soft skills but what she calls the hard skills, through Compassionate Conversations.⁣ ⁣ To learn more about Barbara, kindly register for the summit here:⁣

Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle

12th May 2020

Salesforce Office, Amsterdam

Join me at the Connect2Grow Mentoring Circle, where you will hear how to grow your personal leadership & impact
Participate in deep-dive conversations focused on your aspirations and goals
Experience a safe space to express yourself.

We follow a strict confidentiality policy that allows you to share your deepest struggles, successes, and opinions in a supportive, non-judgmental space. Meet a network of women who are like-minded, on the rise and who you can connect with.

“Barbara is an amazing listener- her coaching style empowered me to be more conscious in tough work situations. Specifically, to be able to stay present and make intention-based decisions. She also helped me bring more mindfulness-based brainstorming techniques to my team, which have increased creativity and productivity.”

Breana, Fortune 500 Executive

Feel empowered & focused

When you feel empowered and focused, it is easier to make big life decisions. Are you looking to get clear and focused on the next steps? Do you want more harmony between the different parts of your life? Then you have come to the right place.

My clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed around making impactful decisions in their lives. People who are looking to feel clear and empowered about where to head next. My mentoring and coaching can help you work towards feeling calm and ready to move forward with more focus.

Become clear about your life

As a coach and mentor, I can support you to find your calm and get clear around your situation, I can help you get ‘unstuck’ and consciously choose the next direction of your life.

My approach is open and intuitive. We can work face-to-face at my office, or we can walk & talk. Because of the international nature of my work, my coach sessions are usually online. Depending on the time of year, we can meet face-to-face in either San Francisco or The Netherlands.

Barbara gave the WBII a presentation on managing change which was both highly concise and professional, yet also warm and humorous with visuals and stories which conveyed her message perfectly. She left us with a new awareness and a desire to learnmore. I thoroughly recommend her.

Julie Kennedy, Communication Specialist




Focus Training | Personal Coaching | Executive Coaching

Coaching helps you cultivate a life of Joy from the inside out. When you calm your mind, it allows you to see clearly. By practicing compassionyou create inner wellbeing and prevent stress. Let me help you thrive.

My coaching is focused on helping you build sustainable skills to support your own personal wellbeing and leadership.


Families Ties | Trying Something New | Finding Your Voice

My talks aim to be conversations that matter. Conversations where we open up about being compassionate in every way, to yourself and to others. About adding qualities of the heart to every conversation you have. About being non-judgmental, forgiving, open-hearted and compassionate.


Systemic Work | Inner Negotiation Workshop | MMS Coach Training

Working with a group can be a powerful experience.The dynamics are different to coaching in the sense that there is more time to process new awareness and the energy of the group plays a part in the process. Multiple days and people give room to deeper experiential work.

life changing conversations

Are you looking for support? I can be your sparring partner as you navigate transitions, deal with big changes in your life and want to find harmony in the different parts of your life. Start your focus here and connect with me to set up a call to get acquainted.

My Story

My Story

Barbara Piper

How can I help you?

My year career started in Corporate Communications and later moved into Health Care Management. During these years I could always be found in personal development or organizational training hub, either learning about management development or learning about different ancient wisdom traditions, meditation, systemic work and compassion.

Today, I work as a personal coach and workshop leader and support professionals who are looking for to feel empowered and develop more personal leadership; professionals who are looking to find more harmony in the different parts of their lives.

Barbara has this innate intuition that gives her this edge in coaching. She has her way of asking the right questions which generate all these answers within you that didn’t find their way out earlier. It’s been a pleasure working with Barbara, always leaving lighter and ready to take on new challenges

Mona Delank, Finance Business Partner

Let’s Connect

Let’s Connect

My work is based in The Netherlands and San Francisco but I work with people from all over the world.  Most of my coaching is via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. From wherever you are, feel free to contact me if you are interested and want to know what I can do for you as your life coach. I would love to hear more about who you are and your reasons to get in touch! This will help me better prepare when we connect.